Gimme the beat.


Cameron devil trip. :)

went to Cameron Highland with Track and Field again. *1/12~5/12
alot of things happen. xD
the devil training is freaking tired but i done it.
i told myself never give up, if i give up, i'll be a loser.
that's why i still stay in track and field.
know alot of ppl at there.
some of them was friendly but some of their was so lc. :x
i slept with JiaChin and she always kick my face when midnight. =3=
my team mate have 3 confucian students and 5 kuen cheng students. :)
they are 7 days, fatt gor and lily (confucian), tze suen, joe, jia chin, ah beng and me. :)
we get the first prize in the relay. :) (Y)
and we keep bincang ppl's stuff in the bus.
we hate two ppl. they are so guai lan. xD
KL & AL.
two also got L de. xDDDD
you wan know?
come and ask me bah. 
我们的战利品. :) 靠自己跑完的战利品.

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