Gimme the beat.


3D2N Penang Trip. :)

Gillian, Cheng, Me, JiaErn.
Went to Penang with Track and Field team and some guys on 19/11~21/11. 
They are so amazing, and i want go with them again! 
something happen and make me sad, disappointed.
but happy too. xD
Penang's things as expensive as like KL.
I spend RM200 ==
but it fun always. :D
I Love you all guys. :D
Cheng & me
JiaJie & me
Mak the Dog; Sam the Monkey, ChongJun the Bird, Aron the Gorilla.
Sam. xD
JiaErn, Gillian, Me & Cheng
All of us. Track and field. :)
Me, Gillian, Cheng, JiaErn, Trixie, Rebecca, Lum, JiaJie, Henry
JiaErn, Ong Mommy, Gillian, Cheng, Me
Me, Cheng, JiaErn, Gillian.
Ong Mommy with the RM16 de rojak
Chao Gui diao. ==
Or Jian
Gillian, JiaErn, Ong Mommy, Cheng, Me, Tony, JiaJie, Joel.
Gillian, JiaErn, Ong Mommy, Cheng, Me, Joel
Fanyi, Me, Allyssa.
Mak Zi Hau & me
Trixie, Rebecca & me
All of us. War museum
All of us and ah mor lang. :D

AhBear, Cheng, Ong Mommy, JiaErn, Gillian, Me.
Gillian, Cheng, JiaErn, Me

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